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Laser-cut Steel

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Made in the USA

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General Tips

  • Be extra careful, the steel is very hot and stays hot for a while.
  • Is the crust finishing before the top? Try lowering the oven temperature to 400°F (200°C) and cook on a lower rack.
  • Many people just leave the steel in their oven full-time, it acts as a heat sink when baking anything else.
  • Use a laser temperature gauge to measure surface temperature, especially helpful between pizzas.
  • For anything burnt onto the steel that’s hard to remove, we recommend scraping it off with a metal spatula. If it’s still difficult, many people cook it longer until it chars so it’s easier to scrape off.

Directions for your First Pizza

  • Place Steel Stone on 2nd highest rack. You want it close to the top heating element, but have enough room to slide a pizza onto it.
  • Pre-heat steel for 45 minutes. Heat on convection bake or broil at max oven temperature (500°F/260°C for most ovens). Let Steel Stone warm up to that temperature for a full 45 minutes.
  • Slide on your pizza. Using a pizza peel or edgeless baking pan, pick up your pizza and slide it onto your Steel Stone. (Lightly flour your peel so it slides easily).
  • Let it cook. Bake on convection for 4 minutes, spin the pie around, then broil to finish for 2-5 minutes. Cook times vary by pizza thickness, so keep an eye on it during broiling to get it exactly how you want it. Take it out when ready and enjoy!
  • Cool down. Your Steel Stone will remain hot for a long time and can burn you! Let it cool down for a couple hours before handling.

Maintaining Steel Stone

  • Treat it like a cast iron pan. Towel dry if it gets wet. Don’t use soap to clean it – just water and a stiff brush or sturdy metal spatula. Dry immediately.
  • For anything stuck on the surface, scrape it off with a stiff metal spatula. If something is really stuck onto the surface, you can keep it cooking in the oven longer to let it char, then it scrapes off easier.
  • If it develops a rust spot – scour to remove it with steel wool or fine sandpaper.


  • Scrub, scour and clean your Steel Stone with soap and water.
  • Rinse and dry completely.
  • Wipe on some oil. Flaxseed is recommended. You can use vegetable oil or lard too.
  • Wipe oil off with a dry paper towel (enough oil will stay in the pours of the metal to make it work).
  • Bake at 375º for one hour, then let cool in the oven.

Tips for using BBQ Grill

  • Grills can be tricky because the steel can get much hotter than the surrounding air inside the grill, making crust finish before the top. But you can get it to work with some experimentation – it’s a popular way to use our steels.
  • Larger grills tend to work a little better because they allow more heat to come up and around the steel.
  • Heat with indirect flames if possible (the steel can get much hotter than what the air temperature gauge reads).
  • Keep lid closed as much as possible to keep the heat in and open minimally to get the pizza in there.


20x faster heat transfer gives you the performance of a traditional 1000F pizza oven in a home oven at 450F.

This delivers gorgeous crusts, beautiful blistering, and faster bake times.


Steel’s high density lets it hold twice the heat, letting you transfer much more energy to the crust, so pizzas are made fast like in a traditional pizza oven.